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Winner of "Best in Practice IT & Telecoms" at the National Recruitment Awards 2018.
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IT Jobs - Market Overview 2019

IT Jobs - Market Overview 2019

Thoughts on the Market QA & Testing The QA and test market is now a hot topic for many, if not most, companies. With stories hitting the headlines of QA/testing disasters leaving customers in chaos, companies are now focused on upping their game to prevent them being next in line, and ultimately provide a better experience for their customers. Throughout 2019, technology will continue to advance and the continued transition towards more of an engineering led culture by most companies will mean the QA & test market will need to continue to adapt. The increasing adoption of DevOps meaning testing is introduced at a much earlier stage, machine learning within testing and performance engineering will all feature heavily in 2019. Big Data & Analytics 2018 saw a very noticeable increase in demand for candidates within the big data and analytics space. As the market moves more towards AI and automation of processes, the more “traditional” analytics roles are being combined to form a unique combination of skills that may not have been seen before. Over the next few years, candidates can be expected to upskill in a number of areas to reflect the creation of these new “hybrid roles” (data analysts working as BI consultants, actuaries working as data scientists etc.). Infrastructure IT infrastructure is the largest and most fluid market within IT. As technology advances, so too must a business’ operations in order to be as productive with their tech as they can be. Over the last few years the two areas which have best represented that dynamic are the migration to cloud and the growth of DevOps. Both are in demand for companies and a valuable but rare skill in candidates. Mobile/Gaming With creativity at an all-time high, the Irish IT market is thriving within the mobile and gaming industries. Allowing candidates to combine their passion for working with ground-breaking technologies with their creativity, we are seeing a noticeable trend of more and more candidates moving towards this area. Furthermore, as companies move towards digital transformation, we are seeing a noticeable increase in the demand for strong mobile developers across all industries. Business Analysis With more and more tech companies choosing to set up operations in Ireland, we will see business analyst positions that require not only impeccable interpersonal skills but also a solid knowledge and understanding of evolving technologies. This is evident in the increase of hybrid positions such as roles that include a mix of business analyst and data analytics attributes. Project Management The increasing demand for project managers will continue in 2019. With an accelerated pace of digital transformation, companies will seek project managers capable of utilizing these changes while applying a systematic approach to deliver projects successfully. Product Technical understanding and ability to translate technical requirements into everyday language, is a crucial part of product management. Commercial awareness and strong business acumen are a must have on today’s IT market, and because of that, product professionals are in a big demand and key factor of every software environment. IT Security/Risk The security market is a fine balance of technical and soft skills. The challenge for companies is finding people with the technical prowess to identify, mitigate, fix and prevent different threats/attacks/breaches, while also finding the right leaders in IT security to drive a culture across a business which makes the staff a security conscious group - lowering the margin of human error which leads to security breaches. Salaries In 2019 We now see what is very much considered to be a “candidate-driven” market. As a result, companies are now relying on a combination of both salaries and other benefits such as educational assistance, flexible working practices, exciting projects and career progression opportunities in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Top Tip for 2019 Upskill, upskill, upskill! Employers are interested in candidates who show an interest in their own personal development. By constantly developing your skillset, you are not only showing yourself as pro-active but also increasing the salary you can command for your skillset. Looking for an IT job? Check out our latest jobs here


Sigmar IT and Graduate of the Year Julie Valentine win at NRF Awards 2018

Sigmar IT and Graduate of the Year Julie Valentine win at NRF Awards 2018

The 12th annual National Recruitment Federation Awards took place in the Shelbourne Hotel on Friday night, November 30th. Sigmar were delighted to attend and to come away with not one but two awards on the night. Best in Practice: Sigmar IT It’s been a big year for our IT Team, with the launch of their European IT Recruitment talent hub in Tralee, so picking up Best in Practice Technical, IT & Telecoms in one of the most closely contested categories of the night was the cherry on top. Speaking of the award, Associate Director, Eoin Langdon said that he was delighted their hard work had been recognised. NRF Cert RP Graduate of the Year: Julie Valentine The NRF Cert RP Graduate of the Year Award recognises those who have achieved the highest results in the NRF Certificate in Recruitment Practice exams in 2018. Sigmar was thrilled for our Sales Recruiter Julie Valentine to be recognised for achieving the highest grade of the 2018 graduates. Speaking on Julie’s win, Sigmar Director, Malwina King said; “I am truly delighted that Julie achieved Top Graduate of the Year at the 2018 NRF Awards. Julie, we are super proud of you and your success is very well deserved! Not only was Julie one of the most active participants in Sigmar’s Recruitment Excellence Programme but this award is a testament to her hard work, industry expertise and ‘can do attitude’ that is appreciated by both clients and candidates alike. Well done Julie!” We were also delighted to have Claire Kelly shortlisted for Permanent Recruitment Consultant of the Year and for our Office Support and Technical, Engineering & Science teams being shortlisted in their respective categories.


Hiring The Right IT Professional

Hiring The Right IT Professional

With the abundance of opportunities for IT professionals within the job market in Ireland, how can you tell if you are hiring the right person? The IT professional is most definitely faced with both opportunity and competition. As IT is such a broad term, there are niches within this industry where the IT professional can specialize. Niches include Software Programming, Software Testing, Website Design, IT Administration, Application or Technical Support, Business Analysis or Project Management but there are also further niches and some roles can even crossover. To establish the goals and interests of a candidate it depends on the questions you can ask at the initial meeting. The most important aspect in understanding an IT professional is to understand their ambitions, the culture they admire in the workplace and what they value from an opportunity. The Values of an IT Professional? The same factors are hugely important to IT professionals as in other areas such as Salary, Location, Benefits Package and Career Progression. Along with the above, there are other factors to consider in the IT sector. Technology is rapidly transforming, and for an IT professional it may be important to join a company that is progressive and that keeps up to date with the latest technologies and trends. Staying current with technologies also means investing in training. IT professionals may favor companies who will invest in ongoing support and training for staff. Company history and type of company can be hugely important to an IT professional. Is this an IT position in a tech company or a non-technical business industry? Is it a startup or a well-established company? What are the company’s plans? Are they expanding? These are questions for a HR Manager to be aware of at interview stage and, they may be important factors for an IT candidate in choosing a new position. The Culture Fit This year 11 technology companies made the list of the Top 25 companies with the best culture and values (more than any other industry). This shows the importance of culture in the IT industry and how it is vital for finding the right fit. Tips for this include asking some of the following questions: what do you enjoy where would you like to see yourself in five years what would be your ideal role/company/industry These questions can really help an employer understand an individual rather than trying to put their recruitment needs in front of the individual’s best interests. With the majority of IT companies choosing to adopt an agile culture while the majority of IT professionals being introvert in nature it is important to really understand the candidate’s personality traits before moving forward so questions like “how do you deal with pressure” and “what are your strengths and weaknesses” can give you some indication of the fit. Having this conversation establishes credibility and shows the candidate that you firstly, understand their needs and secondly, know your market place and can offer advice based on their interests. It is really in everyone’s best interest to ensure a great match between your company and candidates. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to hiring the best IT professional for your organisation.


Ireland’s Thriving IT Sector – Europe’s Silicon Valley

Ireland’s Thriving IT Sector – Europe’s Silicon Valley

Ireland has a thriving indigenous IT sector and is home to the second highest concentration of ICT multinationals in the world, outside of Silicon Valley. Forty per cent of Ireland’s GDP – some €72bn per annum – comes from its technology sector, which employs more than 105,000 people. Since 2011, more than 15,000 jobs have been announced in the sector, making Ireland the go-to place to locate international Tech headquarters. According to the Government’s ICT Skills Action Plan 2014, Ireland is likely to face an average increase in demand for high-level ICT skills of around 5% a year out to 2018, with the employment of ICT professionals anticipated to rise to just over 91,000. Ireland’s skilled, educated workforce and competitive corporation tax continues to attract foreign investment, with 9 out of the top 10 global ICT companies maintaining a presence in Ireland, and all of the top 5 software companies. This is accompanied by strong performances from our indigenous SMEs and an increasing number of innovative, well-funded Irish start-ups who are gaining recognition on a global level. The Irish government are dedicated supporters of the Irish ICT sector. They have created a number of initiatives to encourage and support new start-up activity such as schemes to relax visa requirements for non-EU citizens with in demand IT skills and have increased investment in research. The Technology Centre in Data Analytics is a collaboration between DIT, UCD and UCC, and is part of the sustained effort to make Ireland top of the market. IT employers in Ireland can recruit from a domestic talent pool of highly skilled, flexible candidates, with experience in leading global companies, and also, from a large number of mobile professionals from across the EU. These candidates are actively looking to relocate, attracted by Ireland’s ‘IT Hub’ reputation. Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia’s entry to the EU has expanded the skilled talent pools accessible to Irish employers.

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