Recruitment Process

Our Process


Given the specialism of our divisions and the concentrated industry focus of our consultants, we here at Sigmar are constantly scanning the market for talent and have carefully cultivated unique talent pools that will fit our clients’ needs. This process not only speeds up the recruitment cycle, but also reduces costs.

We’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to find our clients the right candidates.


  • All candidates will be interviewed and screened by a Recruitment Consultant and fully informed about the position and background information on each client before being sent forward.

  • All CV’s presented to will be accompanied by a candidate profile. CVs are only sent with permission of candidate.

Sigmar screen candidates based on the Capability Framework Model:

  • Competency & Ability Fit: Candidates should be able to demonstrate ability and competency (identified from job spec) through giving real life examples of where they best demonstrated these competencies in previous jobs.

  • Cultural Fit: This is the collective behaviours, values and impact of people in the company. While candidate attitude is difficult to assess, our consultants are trained at interviewing to identify traits and personalities of individuals.  Using this process we would align the cultural fit with the cultural objectives of your organisation.

  • Motivational Fit: Through quantifying questions we would assess the motivational fit and again align this with the objectives of your specific business.  Candidates should express their desire to do the job in question within your business.


  • Requests by clients to arrange interviews will be prioritised and the candidates will be contacted as soon as is possible, after such a request is made.

  • Candidates will then be prepared for interview.

  • After the interview the candidate’s consultant will call them to debrief them on the interview.  Once feedback is collected it is passed to the Client for review.

  • It is our policy to give candidates speedy feedback from interviews to ensure they have a positive experience with both Sigmar and your brand.


If a negotiation does take place at offer stage our consultants are trained to manage expectation for both parties.

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