Salary Guide Ireland

Salary Guide


In terms of sectors, the largest relative growth in employment is in construction. Strong demand in ICT, pharmaceutical and analytics is continuing, but construction/engineering requirements have grown the sharpest. This too is reflected in the highest wage inflation at closer to 10%. It has to be pointed out though that it is calculated from a lower base cost.

All signs, so far, indicate that investment from expanding US companies into Europe continuing to come to
Ireland are positive. There is a very strong pipeline of new companies visiting Ireland and excellent retention/
expansion in current operations. As long as Ireland remains competitive, this trend should continue into 2017. So in an uncertain world, employment in Ireland is still on a positive trajectory. Certainly at Sigmar we anticipate placing 25% more people in 2017 after 5 years of strong growth. Challenges remain, but there are many reasons to be positive.

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