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Is January Really The Best Time To Change Career?

change career

“January is by far the best time to look for a job – everyone is hiring” or “Everyone looks for a job in January, I wouldn’t bother if I were you”!

Above are two conflicting statements I’ve overheard in the past week as friends, family and colleagues all discuss New Year’s resolutions and their career plans for the new year. Technically there is no right or wrong time to start looking for a new job as there are always jobs out there but there are a few pros for job hunting in the New Year.


1. Psychological Advantage

Psychologically, the New Year is a great time to begin a job search as we all enter the new year with positive intentions –“out with the old and in with the new”. We tend to see the New Year as a new beginning and are more focused on bringing change to areas of our lives we’re not happy with.


2. Hiring Peaks

We definitely see hiring peaks in January/February as with the New Year comes a new financial year for many companies which means there’s a new budget in place. Companies tend to roll out new strategies and initiatives and hire staff to achieve these fresh goals.


3. Time

As already mentioned, we all tend to be more focused in the New Year but we also tend to have more time on our hands. And if you are serious about looking for a new job, time is of the essence. A typical job search can take between 90-180 days, depending on your industry. Use this time to update your CV and LinkedIn and catch up with friends and acquaintances to see if they know of any upcoming opportunities. Make a list of companies and positions you would like and set yourself a target of applying for X amount of applications a day.


4. Up-skill

If we’re not giving something up in the New Year, we’re taking something up. Meaning if there is anything you need to up-skill in, why not do it now? Consider the role you would like to have and check out job descriptions for these roles, what skills/requirements are you missing? Is there a course you need to take? What experience do you need to gain to get that job?

Perseverance is essential when looking for a new job and as mentioned we all tend to return after the holidays refreshed and ready to take on the world. So if you are ready to change careers this year, get started now and with a focused and planned approach you should be walking into your new role in no time.

Posted by Julia Purcell, Marketing & Communications Manager Sigmar on 29 November 2017

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