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5 Takeaways From The Talent Summit

Dan Pink


Kate Feeney is a Learning and Development Consultant at Insights who was amongst 600 guests who attended The Talent Summit on March 1st 2017 at the Convention Centre Dublin. See her original post on LinkedIn


Here are her 5 takeaways from the event:


1.     Sinead Kane is a Visionary

”I could choose to be blind, or I could choose to be a visionary. I chose to be a visionary.”


You might know Sinead as the Cork woman, with 5% vision, who ran 7 marathons on 7 continents, in 7 days. What you might not know about Sinead, is that she studied for her law degree 3 words at a time –painstakingly– using a magnifying glass. What you may also not know is that Sinead couldn’t secure a job as a solicitor after graduation because – employers were blinded to her potential, by her white cane.


Sinead Kane Talent Summit 2017


Sinead took a voluntary position, and commuted from Cork to Dublin – a casual 6-hour daily commute – for 6 months. The takeaway for me here was: we’re kidding ourselves if we think we’ve cracked diversity and inclusion, and the time has come to address it. This message was reinforced by Director of Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Services, EY – Olivia McEvoy who eloquently noted:

“millennials are intolerant of intolerance, and they ought to be”.



2.     Allow for Leaders in the Pack

Rather than being leaders of the pack, managers who facilitate a team’s development of leadership capability – win out. Bernard Brogan, Dublin superstar and Commercial Director of Pep Talk, put the success of the Dublin team, in part, down to the fact that management have encouraged the team to lead from within. In reviewing their success, or failure on the pitch – Brogan noted that the Dublin team are encouraged to come up with their own solutions and recommendations. New squad members are encouraged to lead training exercises, whilst more established players are asked to follow the lead of the newbies. Perhaps it’s this player empowerment that has nudged the Dubs to repeated All-Ireland success (perhaps it’s also influenced in part by our disproportionately large talent pool/population – before someone trolls me!).

Pep-Talk founder Michelle Fogarty and former HR Leader at Twitter EMEA, also emphasized the need for leaders to be honest about the challenges they’re facing in the recruitment process – and to invite candidates to come and help solve them. Later in the day, author, Dan Pink, sang from the same hymn sheet – reminding us that no one has ever sung the praises of a manager who: “watched my every move”.


Bernard Brogan Talent Summit 2017


3.     Be a Culture Crafter (and Keeper)

Clodagh Logue shared her experience of crafting the culture at Fitbit, EMEA. It was very compelling to hear how the mission of Fitbit, to empower and inspire you to live a healthier, more active life, has been translated into an organisational culture by Clodagh and her colleagues. The mission, for example, is reflected in the goals of employees (everyone’s working towards a wellness goal of some description); the flexibility of working hours, and in the office fit out here in Dublin (yep, there is a meeting room with treadmills lined up opposite each other).

A particularly timely takeaway from Clodagh was in the importance of not just signalling the culture you want through signs, policies and symbols, but also protecting that culture by addressing behaviour that runs counter to the promise of that culture.

(I say timely because: Uber).

The type of culture that gets crafted of course is influenced in large part by who’s at the helm. We heard from Darrell Hughes, Deputy HR Director at Ryanair, that they don’t do slogans on the wall. It’s easy to conjure an image of Michael O’Leary rolling his eyes at such a thing.

Finally, culture is heavily influenced by the long-term strategy those in leadership employ. Jonathan Campbell of Social Talent shared compelling research on the model of organisational design / strategy that yields the best results. Exec summary: the commitment model, which employees are invested in and partnered with over as long a period as possible, is by far the most successful.




4.     Know Thy Organisation

Shane McCauley, Director of People Systems and Analytics at Twitter, shared the outcome of organisational research that they’ve conducted into what their people want from their employee experience. By Shane’s own admission – there was nothing ground breaking in the research output. People want: to learn and grow, a great manager, challenging work, team work, great co-workers, and total reward.

What is potentially ground breaking is that Shane and his team at Twitter are endeavoring to put their research into action to fight attrition. Therein lies the art and science of organisational development.

Alison Hodgson, Country HR Director for McDonald’s, also called out how studying their own workforce has shaped their strategy regarding recruitment. Research revealed that working-mothers, for example, really like working at McDonald’s because of the flexibility it affords. Knowing this means McDonald’s know who to target, with their recruitment ads – to find people who will thrive in their organisation.



5.     Do – Learn – Re-Do

In 2016, Lieutenant Commander Darragh Kirwan, and his crew, rescued 14,000 people whilst deployed on a humanitarian mission to the Mediterranean. In explaining the preparation involved for such a mission, the Commander referenced the defence forces learning philosophy which is: train for the known and educate for the unknown.

My takeaway regarding the approach the Defence Forces takes to education is: the recognition of the importance of reflection – in tackling the unknown. After every element of the operation, the crew conducted a wash-up session to codify what worked, what didn’t, and what to do next time. How often do we do this with precision in corporate learning?

Posted by Kate Feeney, Learning and Development Consultant at Insights on 7 March 2017

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Sigmar appoints Mike McDonagh as new COO

Sigmar Recruitment has today announced the appointment of Mike McDonagh as COO of the company.Mike is a highly respected industry leader with a significant pedigree in scaling successful recruitment businesses both in the UK and in Ireland. Prior to joining Sigmar in 2020, Mike oversaw the growth of Hays Ireland as its Managing Director. Mike also currently serves on the board of Boardmatch, Ireland’s national corporate governance charity.​L-R: Mike McDonagh and Frank Farrelly​ Welcoming Mike’s appointment, Frank Farrelly, CEO at Sigmar Recruitment said: “I am thrilled to appoint Mike as our new COO. Mike joined Sigmar over 3 years ago at one of the most challenging times facing into the Covid-19 pandemic. In that time, he has proven to be a great leader in the business, embracing our culture and improving the service we provide to our candidates and clients.  I look forward to working with Mike and the team to continue delivering world class recruitment solutions and supporting international diversification in Groupe Adéquat." ​Mike McDonagh commented; “In the 3 years I have been with Sigmar, the company has shown up to be everything I hoped for and more.  I’m honoured to have been given this appointment and I look forward to helping the entire leadership team continue to grow and expand Sigmar for our colleagues, clients, candidates and communities.  It’s an exciting time to work in recruitment and with Sigmar’s values and culture, we are ideally placed to achieve new heights both in Ireland and overseas.” ​Massive Congrats Mike!​

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Ireland Gateway To Europe 2023 - A week in Review

Ireland Gateway To Europe 2023 - A week in Review

At the end of March, the Ireland Gateway To Europe delegation headed to the US for a week long series of events, to promote transatlantic trade as well as host a special event to commemorate 25 years of the Good Friday Agreement. This year the group of 50 delegates from 25 Irish companies and organisations, as well as the team from Newstalk, set out for Chicago, Boston and New York.  CHICAGOOur trip started on Monday in the Irish Consulate in Chicago, hosted by Consul Kevin Byrne. The following day we headed out to the University of Notre Dame, ahead their game in Dublin this August. As well as touring the campus and famous sports facilities, we had an insightful lecture on design thinking and some Yankee Sullivan stories over lunch. We also got to spend some time with the next generation of Irish success stories studying on their ESTEEM Graduate Program at the University of Notre Dame.​BOSTONWe got to Boston on Wednesday, to host the Boston College Ireland Business Council Peace Dinner, where George Mitchell was awarded the Irish Institute Leadership Award to for his distinguished contribution to the peace process in Northern Ireland; and heard from guest speakers including: Taoiseach Bertie Ahern; journalist Tommie Gorman; Joe Kennedy III, Special Envoy to Northern Ireland; Boston College Provost David Quigley; Ruairi De Burca; Mary Sugrue; Warren Zola; and Robert MacGiolla Phádraig from Sigmar Recruitment.​​The next morning we hosted a Boston College CEO Breakfast with Enterprise Ireland at the offices of G-P. There were great insights shared by Sharon Cunningham of Shorla Oncology, and Jim Joyce of HealthBeacon as they discussed their scaling journeys and the impact of Irish innovation in the US healthcare industry. We also had the privilege of listening to Katherine Kostereva in conversation with Robert Mac Giolla Phadraig discussing the growth of Boston based multinational, Creatio. NEW YORKOn Friday the group went on a special visit to the UN, followed by some time and interesting conversations with Ambassador Fergal Mythen. Bank of Ireland hosted our Global CEO Forum at their impressive NYC hub in Manhattan. The event was MC'd by Robert Mac Giolla Phadraig, CCO at Sigmar Recruitment. We heard some really interesting conversations from Caroline Klatt, co-founder at Flowcarbon; and two Irish founders operating in the US - Aimée Madden, Founder and President of CliniShift; James O'Reilly, President of Life Time Work.​The group then spent the evening at Irish Consulate in New York, hosted by Consul General Helena Nolan, a lovely end to a great week.​​

Sigmar Uk1

Sigmar Recruitment (Grand Prize Winner, 51-Plus employees, Ireland, 2023)

Sigmar Recruitment (Grand Prize Winner, 51-Plus employees, Ireland, 2023)

​As featured on SIA website- ​Pride in PurposeCreating a place where employees enjoy the day-to-day​Sigmar Recruitment understands that its success begins with genuine investment in its own people. The firm’s values — “Going Further, Faster, Together” — uniquely embody its corporate spirit and leadership mentality, consistently playing out in the day-to-day life of employees. Sigmar prides itself on being people-first, socially responsible and unafraid to challenge the status quo — and it is this philosophy that has helped the firm earn a grand prize on SIA’s Best Staffing Firms to Work For – UK and Ireland for the third time.Despite business changes and market hurdles, Dublin, Ireland-based Sigmar Recruitment has never lost track of its values and the drive to have an impact. Established in 2002, the firm has grown steadily and in 2018 formed a strategic partnership with French staffing firm Groupe Adéquat, expanding Sigmar’s reach even further. Today, the firm is home to 130 internal employees and places candidates in temporary, contract and permanent positions across various sectors, including accounting and financial services, construction, engineering, life sciences, marketing, office support and sales.​Coming HomeCEO Frank Farrelly makes his vision for the employee experience clear. “I want it to be a place where they can enjoy the day-to-day,” he says. “Whether that’s working remotely or from the office, I want them to enjoy it — and as important, I want them to know their impact and have all the support, mentoring and confidence they need to succeed in their careers.”To Sigmar’s internal employees, this is what makes the firm different from other places to work. Senior Public Sector Recruitment Consultant Madeline Donovan shares, “The work is enjoyable, but I also love the culture. The people I work with are good friends of mine. It’s easy working with them.” Noting that teamwork is common and the atmosphere in the Dublin office is casual, she adds, “If someone else needs a hand, you offer it, and even though your role could be one thing, everyone jumps in to help each other out.”That culture of teamwork and belonging helps people feel like more than just employees, no matter where they are located. Take Marcel Skolimowski, a recruitment manager working from Poland. Coming to the Dublin office daily is not feasible, yet he experiences the close-knit environment even as a remote worker. “In my previous company, I never had a direct path to the CEO where I was able to pick up the phone and call him with any issue or have a normal conversation,” he says. And whenever he does travel to Ireland, the way he is welcome is “like I’m coming home. You get hugs, and everybody smiles. We go for lunch and pints after work together.”​Giving BackFrom its earliest days, Sigmar Recruitment came from a place of giving back, changing lives with the job opportunities and career advancement they provide to external candidates and internal staff alike. The firm’s mission to have an impact on the lives of others is woven throughout the day-to-day work that Sigmar does as well as through socially responsible activities employees are empowered to be a part of — something that Farrelly sees as a reason why people stay with the firm. “We are commercially focused but put people first and make decisions that recognize people as our most important asset,” he says proudly. “First and foremost, throughout time, through all our history, we have done the right thing by our people and for our society. We have a strong social conscience. We give back.”Donovan speaks enthusiastically about various activities she has been involved with at Sigmar, including helping out at their annual “Talent Summit,” Ireland’s largest HR and leadership conference, in which speakers from around the globe present on topics influencing work today and in the future. She appreciates how Sigmar makes it fun and easy to contribute to a range of activities, many with a social cause. Employees have opportunities to get involved as a team, helping to carry each other forward in doing great things for their communities and beyond.For example, Sigmar last October raised over €40,000 through its participation in Paris2Nice, a 700-kilometer charity cycle event completed by 10 of their staff; the firm used this money to send 30 volunteers to help transform the outdoor spaces of a school that looks after children who have autism and other special needs.​Breaking NormsUnderlying Sigmar’s values of Going Further, Faster, Together is a sense of empowered risk-taking and experimentation. Reflecting on 20 years at Sigmar, Farrelly recalls the success stories — the people who, despite struggling, surmounted their challenges and made a space for themselves in the business. “All these people who’ve grown with us — consultants, managers, support staff — Sigmar is providing an ecosystem and the autonomy to make mistakes, to ask questions, to learn, and the encouragement needed for success.” Under Farrelly’s leadership, Sigmar is a place where employees are empowered to question the status quo and where “norm breakers, not norm takers” are rewarded.From this company culture and supported autonomy come “small success stories,” as Skolimowski proudly recounts. After working several years in the Cork office, Skolimowski was presented with an opportunity to return to Poland — but despite the move, he knew he wanted to stay with Sigmar. “It was quite easy, surprisingly enough,” he says, recalling the conversation he had with leadership about the move. “Even though you are with a company for some time and you think that you know everybody, [I was a little afraid] to have a conversation like that. But then they were like, ‘No problem.’” Where some companies may have parted ways with an employee when faced with a relocation request, Sigmar valued Skolimowski enough to make it work. And as a result, today, Skolimowski steers a small and growing part of the business out of Poland, including an office with an expanding headcount.​Passion Beyond SizeSmaller organizations are often close knit in their operations, but Sigmar leaders and team members alike know their culture is driven by something more than the size of the business. It is more than having an open-door policy; it is more than professional training and development. People at Sigmar embody and promote an environment that allows others to excel on their own terms, in many ways reversing the standard operating procedures of corporate life; Sigmar exists to support its people, not the other way around. And in response, the firm’s internal staff follow a philosophy of treating people the way they themselves want to be treated, a mindset that will continue contributing to Sigmar’s growth and success in the future.

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Sigmar Recruitment Announce Frank Farrelly As CEO, Adie McGennis to Step Into Executive Chairman Role

Sigmar Recruitment Announce Frank Farrelly As CEO, Adie McGennis to Step Into Executive Chairman Role

Today, Sigmar Recruitment announce that our co-founder and current CEO Adie McGennis will step into the role of Executive Chairman, and our Chief Operating Officer, Frank Farrelly will become Sigmar’s CEO.​Frank has been with the multi-award-winning recruitment company since it opened in 2002, serving as COO since 2011.  He is a former President of the Employment & Recruitment Federation (ERF) and currently chairs the steering group for the Apprenticeship in Recruitment.   On his appointment Frank comments: “I’m really excited to continue my journey with Sigmar.  I look forward to working with our great team to continue our story in Ireland and around the globe ensuring all our clients, candidates and community stakeholders get the best of Sigmar. I’m excited to lead the company into its next phase of growth as we further our momentum in the marketplace.” ​Frank Farrelly’s appointment was announced and warmly welcomed by current CEO Adie McGennis who will move into the role of Executive Chairman and will have a continuing involvement in the business focusing on international projects for parent company Groupe Adéquat.During his time as CEO McGennis led Sigmar to significant growth becoming the largest organically grown recruitment firm in Ireland before its strategic merger with Groupe Adéquat in 2018. This impressive baseline sets Farrelly up to continue solidifying Sigmar as Ireland’s leading recruitment agency. “I am delighted to be staying on as Executive Chairman and thrilled that Frank is formally taking the CEO role. Frank is an industry legend and his leadership from day one and into the future, brings exciting times for Sigmar, nationally and internationally,” says McGennis.​All the team wish Frank and Adie every success in their new roles. Massive Congrats!