Lead Electronics Application Engineer

Job description


  • Evaluation and negotiation of customer requirements, establishing interface between customer and internal BWEs engineering team towards a product definition.
  • Responsible for providing the documentation needed in the programs to the program manager.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and responsibility for the performance of the quality system and standards.
  • Coordination between customer and internal BWES engineering team members in the definition and release of the BWEs specifications
  • Technical face to Customer
  • Coordinates technical activities between customer and internal BWES team throughout the program, ensuring an alignment between internal tasks of each one of the BWEs engineering team members towards the final technical goal of
    the product.
  • Interface between Program Manager and rest of the development team.
  • Electrical Function tests, PAV and Validation Plan definition
  • Validation tests execution strategy definition and execution follow up.
  • Leads the DFMEA release and ensures the Product Special Characteristics definition.
  • Ensures internal coordination towards a design release according to technical and timing expectations.
  • Coordination of prototype delivery between customer and internal BWES team.
  • Work is requested and completed with moderate decision making.
  • Scheduling and performing of interdisciplinary Technical Meetings ( Hardware, Software, Mechanic, Integration)
  • Teamwork

 *email: or call Jenny 083 0407754 to discuss this job in more detail or for a more in-depth spec.