Vlad Romuald

Recruitment Consultant, IT

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Coming from a sales background (B2B / B2C) with a strong experience in selling EU Funding Projects and Telecom Services I decided to shift careers once I moved to Ireland. Currently, I'm an IT Recruitment Consultant who specialises in the PHP / JavaScript technologies within the EU region (UK, Germany, Ireland, etc). During my recruiting career, I've also worked with roles around .NET, Java, Scala, C++, SQL, Data Analysts, Tech Support, Product Manager / Project Manager, etc. dealing with client requirements in Ireland, UK, France, Greece, Romania, and other EU countries. 

In my free time I do photography, archery, traveling and if the weather is typical (rainy) then reading is the next best thing. 

If you ever want to make a career move into something more challenging, work in a better company or just get to talk about your plans and goals, feel free to give me a buzz.

Contact Vlad (01) 4744619