How to Choose the Right RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Service Provider


If an organisation feels that it wants to go down the road of RPO, the next step is to choose which firm provides the best fit. We’ve listed the four most important elements you need to consider in the decision making process.

Internal Audit

First and foremost, before talking to any potential RPO providers, a company needs to take an in-depth look at its current recruitment processes to see where improvements can be made adn stress points may occur. It needs to assess exactly what is working and what is not. What elements can be improved and what expertise is required? It’s important to understand how RPO could support the organisations talent strategy. Conducting an internal audit can help to inform the decision regarding which RPO provider would be most suited to the company.

Narrow the Search

It is advisable that a company narrows its search and identifies maybe two or three RPO firms which may be suitable. They can get in touch with these firms and have as detailed a discussion as possible outlining their requirements and listening to what the providers can do for them. Companies should then be in a position to make a decision on which one can deliver the best results, adding the most value to their organisation.

Track Record

Companies wouldn’t hire someone for an important role without checking their employment history so hiring an RPO provider is no different. Organisations need to look at the kinds of companies RPO providers have worked with in the past. Where have they delivered solutions in similar industries, size and functions previously? A successful RPO firm should have no problem making case studies available, giving companies the opportunity to assess the quality and success of their previous work.

Company Culture

An extremely important but sometimes under emphasised consideration in the selection process is ‘how well will the RPO provider understand our company ethos and culture?’ The more in tune the provider is with a firms core values the better fit they are for that firm. This increases the chances of a lasting and successful relationship between the firm and the RPO provider.

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Posted by Jamie Harnett on 3 December 2017

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