performance review

How To Prepare For A Performance Review

performance review

Performance reviews can be slightly nerve wrecking especially if it’s your first one in a new company or with a new manager. These meetings are used to set future targets, review ongoing or past projects, and discuss career progression. Employees can use these meetings to their advantage by bringing up issues they have in their roles, discuss ideas that could improve the company’s processes and explain the outcome of different projects that they have done.


Here’s our guide on what to focus on and how to get the most out of your time with your manager.


Performance: You need to have an open mind when speaking with your manager regarding your performance and understand that all feedback, good or bad, is delivered to ensure you improve. This is not an exercise in shaming you or making you feel inferior – if your manager expresses concern or gives you advice on poor performance in an area, ask them what you need to do to improve. If you have a genuine reason in response to their concern express it, but don’t get defensive. This could show your inability to take criticism which is a very important trait if you want to become successful. If you get good reviews, be gracious and don’t do the Irish thing and brush it off! Take it on board and move on.


Career Progression: Don’t run before you can walk. The key thing to remember is to not start your review by asking for a step up. If you want to ask whether you’re up for promotion, first hear what your manager has to say. Your manager is the one who will know if you are ready for a jump so listen and listen well, if you have more work to do, ask what needs to be done and get the head down.


Salary: This is always a question that makes people nervous to ask their boss. While you may be in line for a raise, if you haven’t got the guts to ask you most likely won’t get one. A salary increase should reflect your increased performance against a target or a general overall improvement in your work or increase in responsibilities. Go in with a positive attitude and make sure you to back up your request with success stories or good figures and ask with good grace.


Be prepared: Remember to give yourself plenty of time to prepare your figure, accomplishments and a list of what you want to discuss. If you have been sitting on a problem for a while, this is a good time to get it off your chest but make sure you have things straight in your head. A good manager is always willing to listen to your concerns but if you waffle on and have no real information, chances are your point will be missed. Clear your diary beforehand so you are fully prepared and no late nights the night before. You need to have your game face on and be ready to wow and impress and tackle any questions you’re faced with


Finally, a review is an important part of a role and it’s good for building relationships with your manager so if they are particularly busy, try to gently remind them that you are due a catch up and you feel it’s important to you and your role. Take on board what your manager has to say and stay positive! Most reviews end well so chin up!

Posted by Recruitment Consultant, Sigmar on 30 November 2017

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