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Candidate Best Practice When Using A Recruitment Agency

recruitment agency

Finding a job can be a daunting prospect for anyone, however using an agency can make this process easier. Here is Sigmar’s guide to getting the most out of your recruiter:


Be Honest

This is the easiest and quickest way to find a job. Tell your recruiter what you are looking for, your experience and skillset, your salary expectation, whether you will really consider working in a contract role, or is it just a permanent role you are after? Don’t waste your time, your recruiter’s time and the client’s time if it’s not really what you want.


Follow Up

Don’t just leave it up to the recruiter to get back to you. A busy recruiter is a good recruiter. Chances are your recruiter will have plenty of roles to fill, meaning plenty of candidates to interview, shortlist, prepare for interview etc. Give them a call after interviews to keep them in the loop.


Keep Track Of Your Applications

Know where you have sent your CV and when. This saves time and avoids duplication. If an employer sees your CV coming through from various recruiters as well as direct website applications it makes you look sloppy and disorganised and will not help your cause.


Set Up a Face to Face Meeting

Recruiters are there to “sell” your CV / skillset and even your personality to potential employers. Give yourself the opportunity to sell yourself to the person who is representing you. Creating a good rapport with a recruiter can be invaluable and they will think of you straight away when a suitable role comes in.


Find a Recruiter That Suits You

There are lots of recruiters out there so you don’t have to deal with the first one that comes your way. Do some research and find out who specialises in recruiting for your area. Ask them questions and find out if they have a good level of market knowledge. Some recruitment processes can take several months – make sure you get on with your recruiter and are comfortable chatting to them and asking for their opinion. A good recruiter is one that you trust


Use the Service As Much As You Can

It is free after all! Remember: the recruiter is on your side. When the recruiter asks you to meet or take a call for interview preparation purposes – take it. The recruiter knows what the client is looking for and will point you in the right direction. Ask for CV advice and tips and discuss add-on courses and training that will help to develop your skillset for the right role. Recruiters spend a lot of time viewing CVs and job specs, use their knowledge to your advantage and ask about other candidates they have placed and what they have on their CVs!


Be Patient

As mentioned, some recruitment processes can take months. Sometimes it can take up to 3-4 weeks between the time a role is advertised and the time the shortlisting takes place. Check in with your recruiter but don’t harass them or lose your cool. As soon as a recruiter gets feedback on your application you will be the first to know.


We have a wide range of jobs to suit candidates with varied levels of experience. To speak with a specialist recruiter on a career in Galway please email me at

Posted by Sarah Williams, Manager Sigmar Galway on 30 November 2017

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Adie McGennis Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Adie McGennis Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

​We are delighted to announce that our founder and CEO, Adie McGennis has been recognised for his remarkable career, personal and professional standing, and in particular his achievements over his twenty-year tenure as Sigmar’s CEO. On Friday at the Employment & Recruitment Federation Awards, hosted at The Shelbourne Hotel, Adie was presented with the James Kilbane Lifetime Achievement Award. Our Sales & Marketing team were also the winners of the “Best in Practice – Sales & Marketing Recruitment” award on the night. Beginning his career in recruitment in the 90s with Interstaff Recruitment after a brief stint in London, within a few short years, Adie became Managing Director of Marlborough Recruitment. It went on to become the largest recruitment agency in Ireland and the first Irish professional services company to be listed on the stock exchange. In 2002, he left to help set up Sigmar Recruitment and since then, Adie has built Sigmar into a thriving, global company that has won over 60 awards. Adie is the ultimate servant leader; humble and sincere, measuring himself by the leaders he creates and not by his own achievements. His ethos has undoubtedly shaped Sigmar’s culture and purpose. Commenting on Adie’s achievement, Frank Farrelly, COO of Sigmar Recruitment said:“I am absolutely delighted that Adie has been recognised by the Employment & Recruitment Federation. Adie is one of the most recognizable and well-liked recruitment professionals in Ireland.  In a career spanning over 30 years, he has made numerous lifelong friends and he has been one of the most collaborative and helpful people to many in the industry be they colleagues, competitors or members of the ERF.  He truly embodies the spirit of this award and I am delighted to see him being awarded by his peers. Through Adie’s leadership, values, and entrepreneurial spirit, Sigmar has continued to grow and evolve as a business and will continue to do so! Thank you Adie, for all that you have done! Huge congratulations on behalf of all team Sigmar!”​ Find out more about Sigmar’s story here. Find out more about the Employment & Recruitment Federation Awards here. ​

Contract Work

The Benefits Of Contract Work

The Benefits Of Contract Work

​The jobhunting period can at times feel quite negative, and many people will be put off contract work as they know they have a date where they will be out of employment after the role expires. Also, jumping between different industries in quick succession can prove a challenge for the Wallflowers in this blogs audience. However, Contract work does have benefits that should not be overlooked both to the short and long-term trajectory of your career. Here are a number of reasons why you should accept contract as well as some added benefits you may not have considered.Make ConnectionsThe nature of contract work dictates that unless you’re offered a permanent position, you will be moving between places of work every 6 - 12 months. The benefit of this, is that you are likely to become acquainted with many business leaders, executives, CEOs, and industry experts along the way. This will prove invaluable as building your contact list of reputable business leaders will provide new connections, long lasting business relationships and an impressive list of references for your next employer to contact. In a world where a person’s experience in the field can be the deciding factor in being chosen for interview, having connections to add to your credibility will only ever benefit your applicationFind your job passionIt is not uncommon for young professionals to work a variety of roles before settling into a more permanent fulfilling role. This method can provide a multitude of valuable experience, references, and insights into the nature of the industry. Contract work is a good way to dip your toe into the pool of the industry and find out if you are best aligned with the culture and work involved in the industry.SalaryContracted roles will get you better pay. They offer a higher basic salary in lieu of a benefits package. You can make your experience really work to your advantage. Employers are typically willing to pay you generously, providing you meet their requirements, if you solve their problem or need quickly. Employers tend to really value experience, since they want to bring onboard someone who can jump right in and hit the ground running.Faster EmploymentNow this of course does not cover all contract work, and you shouldn’t apply for a contract position assuming you’re going to be accepted by 9:30 and start work at 10:00. However, the creation of a contract role may have resulted in a sudden urgency and vacation that needs to be filled, so the onboarding of contracts does move faster than permanent roles.More FreedomAs you are not bound by the standard contracts of the business, you have more negotiating room when discussing hours, pay and location. You may have been brought into the contract role to assist with a sudden influx of work, therefore If you can assure your employer you will complete the work, you can choose working hours that fit for you, which can provide more time out of work for looking at more roles, building your professional profile and networking.In ConclusionThere are many business professionals who have built there who career around contract work and it’s not too hard to see why. Contract work offers more flexibility, better pay, more variation, and greater chance of networking and building a profile within the industry. Understanding the process and careful planning can ensure you are never out of work for lengthy periods of time, and with the flexibility contract work offers, you can use any free time to plan ahead once your contract expires. If you are keen to build your professional CV, build strong industry connections, gain experience and entertain a higher pay, contract work is definitely worth your time