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Back To Basics

back to basics

With the prevalence of social media and technology in job searches these days, it’s easy to focus all your attention on crafting a killer LinkedIn profile and forget about the basics of finding a job. Whilst social networks and technology are great aids to finding a job, it is ultimately the basics that will bring you success.


Focus your job search

With access to countless job boards online and with the urge to find a job asap, it is easy to apply to every job you see. But what’s the point in aimlessly applying for jobs you may not be interested in or able to take? You’re ultimately only going to become disheartened in your search when you don’t achieve the results you’ve hoped for.

So the first thing you need to do is know what you want. Know the industry, know the field, know the type of work you want, know the locations that suit you and know your salary expectations. Once you know all this, you can now focus your search.


Tailor your Applications

Your job application is your introduction to an employer and your first impression. Therefore why send the same generic CV to each vacancy? Take the time to research the employer and the role and tailor your CV and cover letter to each vacancy you are applying to. Also always ask someone to read over your CV, Cover Letter and Application Form for spelling and grammatical errors.


Be Prepared

Prepare and practice thoroughly for any interviews you may get. Do role plays with a friend and come up with answers to all the common interview questions before hand so that the interviewer does not throw you off course. The more comfortable you are with being interviewed, the more relaxed you will be on the day.

Posted by Julia Purcell, Marketing & Communications Manager Sigmar on 29 November 2017

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