September 2019

Taoiseach and FF Leader Talk Brexit, US Relations and the EU (10/9/19)

In Focus - Jobs in Leitrim (Leitrim Daily, 4/9/19)

June 2019

Ruff day at the office? Not on Take Your Dog to Work Day (Breaking 21/06/19)

Chief Barketing Officer - Irish companies open doors to employees’ pups for Dog Friendly Ireland Day (The Irish Sun 21/06/19)

National Development Plan key for Cork to become 'talent capital' ( 18/06/19)

National Development Plan key for Cork to become 'talent capital' ( 18/06/19)

Staff From Local Company Join Nealon Brothers For Tralee Bay/Canal Clean-Up ( 18/06/19)

Tralee Jumps To Fifth Place In IBAL Rankings ( 10/06/19)

Burnout is now officially an 'occupational phenomenon', here's how Ireland is coping (FORA 3/06/19)

May 2019

Leaders recognised at fifth HR Leadership & Management Awards (The Irish Times 18/05/19)

April 2019

‘Talent solutions really is an exciting place to be right now’ (Silicon Republic 24/04/19)

PRO Unlimited Announces its Global Supplier Awards for Service in the Contingent Workforce Management Industry (Benzinga 01/04/19)

March 2019

Podcast: Ireland Gateway to Europe (The Business Post 26/03/19)

February 2019

Monica Lewinsky pokes fun at the Irish accent during a trip to Dublin (Irish Central 28/02/19)

Monica Lewinsky: ‘In 1998, I lost my reputation, my dignity and almost my life’ (The Irish Times 28/02/19)

Monica Lewinsky says relentless 'slut shaming' caused her to consider taking her own life (The Irish Independent 27/02/19)

Lewinsky calls for public to ‘click with compassion’ and tackle cyber bullying ( 27/02/19)

Monica Lewinsky: ‘I almost took my own life due to humiliation’ (The Scotsman 27/02/19)

TANX MON Monica Lewinsky jokes she’s mastered Irish accent after jetting in to Dublin to take part in Talent Summit (The Irish Sun 27/02/19)

Lewinsky calls for public to ‘click with compassion’ and tackle cyber bullying (Belfast Telegraph 27/02/19)

Irish people make ideal employees: NASA (The Irish Examiner 27/02/19)

Images of the day (The Irish Times 27/02/19)

Monica Lewinski to speak about online harassment (The Irish Examiner 26/02/19)

Monica Lewinsky: ‘I’m not alone any more. For that I am grateful’ (The Irish Times 23/02/19) 

 ‘Technology makes the human part of work more important than ever’ (The Irish Times 20/02/19)

The Talent Revolution: Making the future of work succeed (The Irish Times 20/02/19)

Employers need to be flexible to retain employees (The Irish Times 20/02/19)

'Totally unmanageable': It's taking months for some businesses to secure foreign worker permits (Fora 16/02/19)

Monica Lewinsky: ‘We are all so much stronger than we can ever imagine’ (The Irish Times 14/02/19)

How Irish companies can stay competitive whatever happens with Brexit (The Irish Times 13/02/19)

January 2019

Monica Lewinsky To Speak In Dublin (Daily Dose 23/01/19)

Monica Lewinsky to give keynote speech at Dublin HR conference (Irish Central 18/01/19)

Monica Lewinsky to be headline speaker at Dublin conference ( 17/01/19)

Monica Lewinsky To Be Keynote Speaker At Dublin Summit (U Magazine 17/01/19)

Monica Lewinsky to be keynote speaker at Dublin conference (The Irish Times 17/01/19)

December 2018

Returning to work after cancer – Advice from a recruitment agency (Happy Magazine 14/12/18)

Mazars Business Leaders Series event showcases main issues concerning business leaders (Business & Finance 11/12/2018)

November 2018

Sigmar opens new European Talent Hub in Tralee (RTE 21/11/2018)

Sigmar CEO speaks on Newstalk Breakfast about New Talent Hub in Tralee (21/11/2018)

September 2018

Mothers driven out of work by some of world's highest childcare costs ( 24/09/18)

Many working parents try to compensate by cramming too much into weekends ( 24/09/18)

Two Irish recruitment professionals named on EU staffing industry leaders list ( 19/09/18)

Recruitment International Newsletter (07/09/18)

August 2018

Cost of childcare forcing women out of workforce (Irish Examiner 28/08/18)

Childcare costs "worse than a second mortgage" for parents (NewsTalk 28/08/18)

Cost of childcare forcing women out of workforce (, 28/8/18)

Women Key to Continuing Economic Recovery (RTE 27/08/18)

Reduce income tax burden to support competitiveness, NRF says (Irish Times 27/08/18)

Rewarding and Incentivising Resourcers (Recruitment International, 20/8/18)

Sigmar Creates Tralee Jobs (Insider Media Limited, 16/8/18)

Bringing it all Back  Home (Kerry's Eye, 15/8/18)

Boost for Tralee as 50 jobs announced (The Kerryman, 15/8/18)

Recruitment firm to create 50 jobs in Kerry ( 14/8/18)

Sigmar to Create 50 New Jobs in Kerry (KFM, 14/8/18)

Sigmar to create 50 Kerry jobs for recruiters (RTE, 14/8/18)

Sigmar Recruitment announces 50 new jobs in Co Kerry (Irish Times, 14/8/18)

Sigmar to create 50 new recruiter jobs in Tralee (SilconRepublic, 14/8/18)

'Talent Crisis' Warning As Brexit Drives Up Wages (, 9/8/18)

Financial firms’ need for an EU base boosts pay (The Times, 9/8/18)

Brexit Jobs Feast Pushes Up Wages In Ireland's Financial Sector (Irish Times, 8/8/18)

Brexit Jobs Boost Pushes Up Wages In Ireland's Financial Sector (Business World, 8/8/18)

Brexit Jobs Feast Pushes Up Wages In Ireland's Financial Sector (Reuters, 8/8/18)

July 2018

Recruitment International Newsletter (2/7/18)

June 2018

Shortage driving Irish tech firms to hire staff in eastern Europe (The Irish Times, 6/6/18)

Economy ‘not yet’ overheating, Sammon uncertainty and the future media landscape (The Irish Times, 6/6/18)

May 2018

The Talent Isle (The Business Post 10/5/18)

Although Keen To Work, Some Find Dublin Employers Won’t Accept Their Documents (Dubin Inquirer 02/5/18)

April 2018

Business courses make their pitch  (The Irish Times, 27/4/18)

BC’s Ireland Business Council members hear the Irish view on Brexit, co-dependence with US (Boston Irish Reporter, 27/04/18)

March 2018

‘Ireland Gateway to Europe’ (The Sunday Business Post, 25/3/18)

'A Different way of doing Business' (The Sunday Business Post, 25/3/18)

Bringing Business Back Home (The Sunday Business Post, 25/3/18)

February 2018

Social networks have a place, but they are no substitute for meeting people (The Business Post, 25/2/18)

Creativity key in attracting and retaining employees (RTE, 16/2/18)

Sigmar Recruits a French Connection (Irish Independent, 9/2/18)

Sigmar in partnership with French recruitment company (Irish Independent 08/02/18)

Sigmar to create €1bn global group with Groupe Adéquat (Irish Times, 8/2/18)

A Huge French Company is taking over one of Ireland's Biggest Recruitment Firms (FORA 8/2/18)

Sigmar Recruitment and French staffing firm Groupe Adéquat strike deal to create €1bn global group (Irish Examiner, 8/2/18)

Morning Briefs (RTE, 8/2/18)

Sigmar Recruitment and French staffing firm Groupe Adéquat strike deal to create €1bn global group (, 8/2/18)

Sigmar in partnership with French recruitment company (Irish Independent, 8/2/18)

Contracts & Deals: 5-9 February 2018 (, 8/2/18)

France – Groupe Adéquat and Sigmar Recruitment Announce Partnership to Create a Global Group (Staffing Industry Analysts, 8/2/18)

Sigmar Recruitment and  Groupe Adéquat partner (Recruitment International, 8/2/18)

Ken Robinson to be keynote speaker at Talent Summit  (Irish Times, 7/2/18)

November  2017

Sigmar Recruitment receives AgileOne’s European Supplier Excellence Award (Recruitment International, 10/11/17)

RI UK Award winners 2017 announced! (Recruitment International, 2/11/17)

October 2017

Developer gets permission to include sleeping facilities in office tower (Irish Examiner, 26/10/17)

BC Ireland Business Council (25/10/17)

Scaling in Europe: New challenges for US companies (SiliconRepublic, 24/10/17)

Caveat: Ireland, cute leprechaun squid of global trade (The Irish Times, 20/10/17)

Irish Business Council launched to promote transatlantic trade (Customs Today, 20/10/17)

Interview with Bob Mauro of Boston College who talks about the Boston College Ireland Business Council (Newstalk Breakfast, 19 October 2017)

Irish Business Council launched to promote transatlantic trade (The Irish Times, 18/10/17)

GDPR – A Communication Challenge (Human Resources Headquaters, 16/10/17)

Graduate Interview Tips To Help You Ace That Interview (, 16/10/17)

Good leaders don’t have to be a dragon  (The Times, 15/10/17)

New Mission To Silicon Valley Aims To Attract FDI To Ireland (Irish Tech News, 11/10/17)

Bloomberg Markets: Ireland as a Premier Investment Location (Bloomberg, 10/10/17)

Sigmar shaping leadership agenda in Ireland (Recruitment International (The Times, 10/10/17)

Keeping staff happy can net you gains (The Times, 1/10/17)

September 2017

Just 14 percent of Employers Provide Ongoing Wellbeing Programmes in the Workplace ( OnRec, 25/09/17)

Keynotes from our Workplace Wellbeing Live event which took place September 20th in the Lighthouse Cinema (RTE Radio Player, 23/09/17)

Gateway targets US trade opportunities (The Business Post, 17/09/17)

The chances offered by risk (The Business Post, 17/09/17)

A Day In The Life (Cara Magazine, 01/09/17)

August 2017

How to save a fortune on a home by settling down in rural Ireland (Independent, 28/8/17)

7 Ways to Increase Engagement in Your Company (HR Headquarters, 9/8/17)

July 2017

How to Manage Conflicts With Colleagues – Rossa Mullally, Associate Director, talks on TodayFM News (Today FM, 26/7/17)

How Much Do You Earn? How Much Should You Earn? – Shaun O’Shea from Sigmar Tralee talks to Jerry O’Sullivan  (Radio Kerry, 20/7/17)

RingLead, Inc. Introduces Executive Sales Training Program for International Candidates (Digital Journal, 11/7/17)

Young at heart: ‘I’ve noticed my friends in their 30s are lazier than those who hit 50’ (Independent, 6/7/17)

Most Public Sector Workers expect Support for Whistleblowing (Irish Legal News, 5/7/17)

April 2017

Sending Out a Positive Message (Sunday Business Post, 30/4/17)

Podcast: Social Media at Work. Rossa Mullally, Associate Director at Sigmar, talks to Today FM about how distracting logging onto social media at work can be. (Today FM, 10/4/17)

Podcast: Getting the right fit. Frank Farrelly, COO of Sigmar, talks about matching the right candidate to the right company as a recruiter. (Newstalk, 8/4/17)

Podcast: Ireland Gateway To Europe. Sigmar CEO Adrian McGennis and John McGrane from the British Irish Chamber of Commerce, talk to George Hook about trade and opportunities between Ireland and the UK, live from the Ireland Gateway To Europe event in London (Newstalk Radio, 7/4/17)

March 2017

Ireland Gateway To Europe (The Business Post, March 2017)

Ireland Gateway To Europe: mapping for the future (26/03/17)

On the hunt for top people (The Business Post, 26/3/17)

Can you pass the snowflake test or are you a ‘whiny, entitled millennial’? (Irish Independent, 23/3/17)

Talent was the currency at Talent Summit 2017 (Galway Advertiser, 23/3/17)

Free bars are great – but meaningful work is the top motivator for job candidates (Fora, 16/3/17)

Sigmar wins at HR Leadership and Management Awards and named Deloitte Best Managed Company 2017

(Recruitment International, 10/3/17)

Event Photographer: The Talent Summit 2017, Dublin (1Image Photography, 7/3/17)

How Ryanair’s loudmouth approach helps them find ‘fun, irreverent and cheeky’ staff (Fora, 5/3/17)

The Panel attends the Talent Summit Dublin 2017 (The Panel, 3/3/17)

Irish PM Kenny to help launch BC-Ireland Business Council on March 14 (Boston Irish Reporter, 1/3/17)

February 2017

Want the best? Daniel Pink says pay up – and pay well (The Irish Times, 26/2/17)

How Generation Job Share has it all worked out (Irish Independent, 22/2/17)

Daniel Pink Speaking at National Talent Summit 2017 (Irish Tech News, 22/2/17)

Top Networking Events in Dublin this March (Lincoln Recruitment Specialists, 22/2/17)

Sigmar’s CCO Talks National Employment Week & The Talent Summit (Social Talent, 21/2/17)

Ireland’s National Employment Week Launches (Recruitment International, 16/2/17)

Talent will out: Taoiseach helps launch Talent Summit 2017 (The Irish Times, 5/2/17)

3 Things You Must Do Before Your Next Skype Interview  (Recruit Ireland, 2/2/17)

Talent Summit Secures Top US Author (Bizplus, 3/2/17)

War for Talent no longer just a matter of splashing the cash (The Irish Times, 3/2/17)

January 2017

Banks put ‘hard’ Brexit move plans into action (Reuters,19/1/17)

Sigmar Recruitment reveals skills in demand by Irish employers in 2017  (9/1/17, Recruitment International)

Should you ignore work emails outside of hours (5/1/17, Newstalk) AUDIO CLIP

December 2016

Sigmar named best agency for CSR at NRF Awards in Ireland (6/12/16, Recruitment International)

November 2016

National Recruitment Federation in Ireland elects Frank Farrelly as president (17/11/16, Recruitment International)

Ireland – National Recruitment Federation (NRF) elects new president (17/11/16, Staffing Industry Analysts)

A job abroad worth big bucks at home (6/11/16, The Times)

October 2016

Scale Up Podcast: Adie McGennis, Sigmar CEO, talks to Recruitment International about his career, the history of  Sigmar, the Irish  market and discussing future trends in the Irish recruitment market. (14/11/16)

Sigmar Recruitment reports highest NFI since 2002 (Staffing Industry Analysts, 10/10/16)

Sigmar Q3 NFI up 17% Year on Year (Recruitment International, 10/10/16)

Gorta Urging Businesses To Dine Al Desko For Ethiopia (BizPlus, 5/10/16)

World Leading CSR. Recruitment International Magazine look at how Sigmar created a world leading CSR programme. (Oct Issue 2016)

September 2016

Sigmar named National Champion for Ireland in The European Business Awards 2016/17 (Recruitment International, 16/9/16)

Robert MacGiolla Phádraig talks to Newstalk about 1500 applicants for 3 clerical level jobs in Westmeath County Council (Newstalk, 2/9/19)

August 2016

After Brexit. Robert MacGiolla Phádraig talks to TV Tokyo about the impact of Brexit on Ireland (August 2016)
Video Player

Adrian McGennis talks about college options and career opportunities for Irish school leavers following the Leaving Cert Results (Newstalk, 22/8/16)

July 2016

Dublin moves fast to lure financial jobs from UK (The Peninsula Qatar, 29/7/16)

Brexit vote shockwaves hit UK jobs; consumer confidence falls (Arab Times, 28/7/16)

Dublin moves fast to lure financial jobs (Delano, 28/7/16)

Ireland moves swiftly to lure financial jobs from the UK after Brexit (Fortune, 28/7/16)
Dublin Moves fast to lure financial jobs from UK after Brexit vote (Business World, 28/7/16)
Dublin moves fast to lure financial jobs from UK after Brexit vote (Reuters, 27/7/16)
Jobs boost for Tralee as recruitment company sets up Centre of Excellence (Radio Kerry, 18/7/16)
Sigmar to more than double its workforce by end of 2018 (Recruitment International, 18/7/16)
Sigmar Recruitment announces 150 New Jobs (Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, 18/7/16) 
Sigmar adding 150 new roles to its recruitment team (Silicon Republic, 18/7/16)
Sigmar Recruitment to take on 150 new employees (Irish Times, 18/7/16)
Even recruiters are scrambling for staff as a major agency plans to take on 150 people (The, 18/7/16)
Recruitment firm Sigmar to double workforce (The Sunday Business Post, 18/7/16) 
200 jobs promised by recruitment firm and a regulatory solutions provider (, 18/7/16) 
Brexit: Recruiters and estate agents seeing spike in relocation queries to Ireland (Yahoo! News, 11/7/16)
Employer Confidence High in Wake of Brexit (Onrec, 7/7/16)
Irish employer confidence high in wake of Brexit, Sigmar Recruitment finds (Recruitment International, 6/7/16)
Ireland – employer confidence high in wake of brexit (Staffing Industry Analysts, 6/7/16)

June 2016


May 2016

Robert MacGiolla Phádraig from Sigmar talks to broadcaster George Hook about Mental Health in the workplace, the gender pay gap and Ireland’s new government coalition (Newstalk, 20/5/26)

March 2016

Sigmar Partner with Gorta Self Help Africa (Gorta website, 30/3/16)

Sigmar’s CCO Robert MacGiolla Phadraig talks to George Hook (NewsTalk, 23/03/16)

Sigmar named Deloitte Best Managed Company 2016 (Recruitment International, 7/3/16)

February 2016

Job Opportunities Increase For Marketing Professionals (The Sunday Business Post, 28/2/16)
Sigmar Launch National Employment Week 2016 (Recruitment International, 18/2/16)
Sigmar at the heart of CSR (Feature in Recruitment International Magazine, Feb 2016) 
Sigmar appoint Miles Hunt as non executive director (Recruitment International, 15/2/16)
Sigmar Recruitment appoints Miles Hunt as new non executive director (Staffing Industry Analaysts, 11/2/16)

January 2016

What can you earn in the digital industry? Salaries in 2016 (Digital Marketing Institute, 29/1/16)
Sigmar Recruitment release 2016 Salary Guide (Recruitment International 20/1/16)
Sigmar report highest growth since 2007 (Staffing Industry Analysts, 6/1/16)
Sigmar Net Fee Income up 27% in 2015 (Recruitment International, 6/1/16)
Candidates will have the edge this year. The skills and sectors to watch in 2016 (The Sunday Business Post, 3/1/16)