Tailored Recruitment Services

Master Vendor

A Master Vendor service delivery model is essentially where the provider assumes full responsibility for staffing provision for the end client. Direct sourcing and the vendor’s 2nd tier suppliers are used to achieve this provision, which can be used for permanent, contingent and contract solutions.
Of course, it’s now common for organisations to employ contingent and contract staff, either as a way to support large projects and to ‘fill gaps’, but the greatest advantages are the increased productivity and flexibility that this approach can bring.
Because of the nature of the recruitment industry in the Ireland, it’s not uncommon to see organisations that are engaged with a large number of agencies. Unfortunately, this can also mean that there is a greater exposure to risk because of an inconsistency of approach and a lack of control over hiring.
As a result, many organisations are now seeing the benefits of engaging a single recruitment company, a Master Vendor, to manage the entire process. Typically, this might include supplier management, advertising and payroll, as well as reporting and invoicing responsibilities.
The simplification of communication channels and optimisation of the supplier’s base brings many potential advantages and should enable a quantifiable cost reduction. A Master Vendor service delivery model streamlines processes and allows for complete transparency and visibility. Master Vendor solutions enable greater consistency of selection criteria, rates and management of contingent workers. Compliance with Agency Workers Regulations is assured, and the service delivery can be integrated seamlessly into existing infrastructure. What’s more, it frees up line management to focus on project delivery and allows HR to concentrate on core functions instead of temporary recruitment needs.
Sigmar’s Master Vendor service is designed to support delivery of the complete recruitment lifecycle through a single on-site resource. Our model delivers improved business productivity by anchoring talent supply through multiple channels (direct, internal & 3rd party). This in turn enhances internal stakeholder experience, supplier performance and overall candidate experience. The service may be fully integrated under the client’s own brand or as a partnership.  As master vendor, Sigmar is fully responsible for all talent acquisition delivered though a range of compliant recruitment services:
What are the benefits?
• Cost reduction and improved compliance
• Service consistency and standardisation
• Increased control for the client through one point of contact
• Consistent and visible management information
• Encourages local and central relationships
• Consolidation of billing and invoicing
• 100% fulfilment is achievable
• Contingent recruitment through Direct and Internal channels
• Contractor management through a Managed Service
• Executive talent through Search & Selection
• Ramp-up through Dedicated Talent Acquisition Team
This model helps to minimise employment risks and achieves a single service level agreement, through auditable processes, consolidated invoicing and a fully integrated vendor management system – “Talent Hub”.

Neutral Vendor

Vendor neutrality is a business and design approach that seeks to ensure broad compatibility and interchangeability of products and technologies. The model encompasses standardisation, non-proprietary design principles and unbiased business practices.
Many organisations need to have a supply chain that is broad enough to meet specialist and diverse recruitment needs. However, it can be challenging to manage such a broad supply chain. Processing multiple invoices and overseeing multiple relationships with suppliers, as well as managing performance is a tough ask.
A Neutral Vendor solution offers very much the best of both worlds. The supplier base is as broad as required but the burden of managing multiple suppliers and agreements is removed.
A Neutral Vendor solution is all about enabling a level playing field for candidates, as the Neutral Vendor manages the process but does not give preference to its own directly sourced candidates. It allows clear competition and is easy to implement.
The neutral vendor model is positioned to service all supplier stakeholders on an equal footing. The neutral vendor model differs from that of the master vendor offering in the way vacancies are managed. Under this model, Sigmar releases all new positions to the agreed 1st tier suppliers simultaneously; ensuring that Sigmar’s PSL delivery arm receives no preferential treatment. Vacancies are then cascaded to the 2nd tier suppliers if the pre-agreed 1st tier lead-time period passes, or if the vacancy is flagged as business critical.



Blended Solutions

This model is the total talent acquisition approach. The blended solution blends contingent and permanent recruitment into one single hiring solution. As the name suggests, a blended solution combines the best elements of other models and blends these together to create a talent acquisition programme bespoke to the client’s needs and one that remains flexible. The blended model has potentially greater savings than each of the other models.
Organisations that have one service provider managing permanent hires and another service provider managing contingent hires often suffer from a lack of consistency, collaboration and visibility between the two. The total talent acquisition approach of the blended model offers holistic management and frees up resources within an organisation to focus on strategic issues. blended models enable workforce planning to be aligned to overall business strategy and offer greater access to talent. Another key benefit is that it creates a more flexible workforce for an organisation.
A blended solution is often considered by organisations that have growing contingent workforce needs. Blended service delivery will attract and recruit talent according to need but also can be scaled up or scaled down when required, according to economic conditions. Blended models adapt to the changing demographic expectations and offer the flexibility to access talent from different locations or sectors to meet the needs of an organisation.
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