Aviation Recruitment

Sigmar has a network of aviation professionals based throughout the world and a strong understanding of the industry having recruited on behalf of clients including:



Areas of Expertise

  • Top level management
  • Flight Operations
  • Ground Operations
  • Inflight Operations
  • Cabin and Flight Crew
  • Office Support Crew
  • Finance and Back office Support
  • Engineering and Maintenance Operations
  • Quality, Compliance and Safety Operations
  • Security Operations
  • Airline Sales
  • Analysts and IT Operations
  • Cargo Operations
  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Procurement
  • Operations Control
  • Aircraft Leasing


Sigmar also carries out aptitude testing on all candidates, partnering with it’s assessment provider Cut-e. Industry leaders for Airline Testing, Cut-e provide a suite of testing which can be administered both on-line and in controlled environment.


For a confidential discussion, please contact Marina Morrissey on +353 1 4744611 or email managedservices@sigmar.ie.