Employment Leadership Group


Sigmar in association with CIPD established the Employment Leadership Group, made up of 200 of Ireland’s top HR business leaders. Its purpose is to provide a cohesive approach by businesses to address the problem of unemployment. This group is the most influential employment group ever assembled in Ireland and its aim is to capitalise on its collective influence on impacting job creation. It counts the employment leaders of companies such as Alkermes, Diageo, Twitter, Monster and PayPal as its members.


The Employment Leadership Group’s aims are to:

  • Support Job Creation Initiatives
    Offer the benefit of its collective experience to Government and State Agencies in devising strategies for job creation that will work.


  • Support Employers
    Share best practice with a wider employer community, to help overcome practical employment challenges and support inward investment.


  • Support Job Seekers
    To drive and endorse new employment initiatives where possible, while providing constructive support and advise to job seekers.


  • Support Education
    Work with the country’s education institutions in cultivating a skill set that is optimised for business growth.


Says Robert Mac Giolla Phádraig, director of Sigmar and co-founder of the Employment Leadership Group: “ This group is the most influential employment group ever assembled in Ireland and we aim to capitalise on its collective influence on impacting job creation. There is an increasing appetite among many HR leaders to contribute to the economic and social recovery of the country, and this group will play a critical part in that. Our objective is to provide direction and support to Job Creation stakeholders to include Government, employers, job seekers and education.

“This is the first business grouping in Ireland whose sole focus is jobs creation and its members have both the experience and appetite to succeed. While we welcome all Government initiatives, we are very much aware that it is the private sector that is most likely to create many of the jobs in the coming years.

“Our aim is to meet at regular intervals to discuss the main issues surrounding employment and what private industry can do collectively to foster positivity and stimulate employment.”


An Tanaiste, Joan Burton TD, welcomed the initiative saying: “The Employment Leadership Group’s objective of tackling unemployment matches the work which is underway in my Department. The Government is making every effort to support businesses and jobseekers by creating the conditions in which businesses can grow and jobseekers can find work. The recently announced JobsPlus scheme, which will commence during the summer, is the latest initiative by the Government to encourage the recruitment of jobseekers who have been on the Live Register for 12 months or more. The establishment of the Employment Leadership Group as a pro-active step by HR leaders from Ireland’s top companies is very welcome and most timely.”